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About Faith Sansthan
We all are driven by faith. What can a person not accomplish by faith? All of life’s obstacles can be overcome by faith. Through faith, man finds the door of liberation that leads to a state of enlightenment.
Faith can move mountains
Faith Sansthan, an NGO founded on May 9, 2005, was established to realise the dream that Smriti Singh had in her life. It was her aim to, work for children suffering from HIV / AIDS and thus help society; to provide children the normal life that is every child’s birthright.!
Faith provides care and support to children living with HIV/AIDS – this includes housing, food, clothing, formal education, medical support and the other basic necessities that are required for a child to live a normal life.
The logo of Faith represents a deeper meaning – it resembles the ‘red ribbon’ of HIV / AIDS. However, the form also looks like a fish because the fish is a symbol of faith
‘Aalingan’ – meaning embrace...The Faith Care Home
“Aalingan” started on Sept 21st, 2006 with 2 children and 1 care-taker, is now home to 45 children, being cared for by 12 full time care-givers. Faith operations are managed by a team of 18 professional and committed staff, including care givers, a doctor, tutor, yoga teacher and volunteer(s). These children are thriving in a way that no one could have imagined when the first child walked through the door seven years ago.
HIV/AIDS remains a complex and sensitive matter. Society makes efforts and spends money on prevention but is still hesitant to accept people living with this disease, which has already infected thousands of children who have a single parent or are orphans. Children living with HIV/AIDS did not ask for this to happen to them, but they are frequently discriminated against. We, at Faith, ensure such instances do not happen with our children. Any child between three and 16 years, living with the virus, will be admitted to ‘Aalingan’. All the children living here attend regular schools and do well in their studies. We provide them timely, well-balanced meals with proper care and good medical treatment. This enhances their confidence and self esteem. All children have the right to develop their potential, in any condition and situation!
Faith Sansthan
Faith Sansthan
Faith Sansthan